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Authentic Online Courses

Authentic Online Courses

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SmadTrainer Online Course Business Program

Upgrade skill set, close skills gap or train your employees or workers within your organization
or institution. Sign up for EduOrder Business and transform your workforce to deliver faster and better.
Quality Courses For Professionals
  • The SmadTrainer Team will certify all employees / workers.
  • Employer can check the progress of employees via a separate dashboard.
  • SmadTrainer Uses world class eLearning strategy to bring the best out of every learner.

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Crafting learning experiences to match individual preferences and business objectives seamlessly.


Simplifying study processes to save time while optimizing comprehension and achievement..


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Introducing innovative features that inspire creativity and enhance understanding among learners.

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Ultimate eLearning course platform for Businesses, Students,
Instructors, institutions and organizations.
  • The Portal to My Learning Transformation

    EduOrder has been an essential companion on my journey of personal growth and knowledge...Read more

    Daniel Asante

  • Sculpting My Path of Personal Progress

    My engagement with EduOrder has been pivotal in shaping a journey of remarkable personal...Read more

    Sarah Tetteh

  • Now a proud medical Doctor

    I passed my college exams very well thanks to SmadTrainer. College education was very challenging...Read more

    Isaac Ibrahim

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